Renewable Energy

RE Sector will bring about 10 Lac Services. In this respect, India has 4th position in the world after China,Brazil and America. This sector has solution of danzer of effects of climait changes. According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) In 2014, India generated 4 Lac Services.

Education Qualifications helping to get job: Dual Degree programs of IIT for B-Tech. and M-Tech. plays important role.

M.Sc. (Re-Newable Energy),

M.Sc. (Physics Energy Studies),

M-Tech (Energy Studies),

M.Tech (Energy Management),

M.Tech (Energy Technology),

Green M.B.A.

are also useful degrees.

India has target of 100 Gega Watt Installed Solar Energy which will generate 10.6 Lac jobs upto 2022 and 60 Giga Watt Wind Power target require 183500 jobs.

In Wind power generation India has 5th position in the world.

During 2011-2014 solar Energy projects generated 24,000 full time jobs and wind power sector provided 45000 jobs.

Reneable Energy Jobs 2014

Renewable Energy World India

Bio Mass 822 58

Liquid Biofuels 1788 35

Bio-Gas 381 85

Zeo-Thermal 154 -

Small HydroPower 209 12

Solar PV 2495 125 CSP 22 -

SOlar Heating/Cooling 764 75

Wind Power 1027 48

Note: IRENA Report (Figurs in Thousans)